Writer of everything, but mostly health, food, & culture.


A little about me

I'm a New York-based writer whose regular beats are health, food, and culture—but often fall down the rabbit holes of funeral rituals, female psychopaths, and subway ads. My work has been featured on WNYC, CBC Radio, and Wisconsin Public Radio.

In a past life, I was a professional pickaxer, coffee bagger, and salad slinger. My career as a writer was determined by my carrying a BRCA genetic mutation and my patient-experience with a complicated healthcare system, which you'll read about when you scroll down. 

I earned both my BA in Ethics and Public Policy and an MPA in Public Policy and Healthcare Management from New York University. As an undergraduate, I published a white paper on the fight for water in the Colorado River Basin and, for my graduate capstone, I worked on a micro-loan project in Rwanda with the UNDP. In between all that, I built potable water systems & taught public health in rural Honduras. 

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